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    Why eBooks?

    First, what are eBooks?

    eBooks are books that are available in digital format. eBooks are ordered online and delivered electronically to your computer.

    Why should you buy eBooks?

    Instant gratification?  You can buy them in the middle of the night when nothing else is open and download them as soon as you get your automatically generated email links.  Rosa Romance is set up for eBook downloads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our delivery system is fully automated. 

    Warm milk, midnight cookie attacks, and a good book!  What could be better?

    For another thing, eBooks are much cheaper than print books!  You save money buying from Rosa Romance because we have no shipping costs so we can offer you low prices.  We don't have to give a bunch of money to book stores to get them to you.  You're buying directly from the publisher so you get to save all that money.

    And we don't have to kill trees to make them.  Let's help the environment -- and ourselves since we need the oxygen trees make to live -- by saving millions of trees that are destroyed every year for paper books.

    Rosa Romance eBooks are also great because you won't be tripping all over them on the floor when you get too many of them.  And they're really convenient ... you can change things like the size of the type to make reading them much easier.  Try that with a print book!

    Why does Rosa Romance sell PDF eBooks?

    PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is the file extension for files created with Adobe Acrobat.  PDF is widely considered to be the 'industry standard' for eBook publishing. Here are some of the advantages of PDF files:

    • PDF files can be read on both a PC and a Mac.  So no matter what computer you have you don't have to worry about whether the eBook will play.
    • Almost all computers come with Adobe Reader already on them.  If you don't have it, it's free!
    • Printing from a PDF file is very easy.
    • The thumbnails on the left side of a PDF file makes naviagtion simple.  If you want to jump to a different page, pull open the left sidebar, select your page, click it, and you are there.
    • PDF files compress great so you have smaller, more manageable files which take up less space on your hard drive.
    • It's virtually impossible to transmit a virus through a PDF file.  Many other files are susceptible to virus transmission and can become corrupted during download.

    And for our Hollywood books we are creating the "Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary" which serves two purposes. 

    First, our writers want to give you the most true to life (if you think living and working in Hollywood is life!) Industry experience possible. To do that, they don't want to edit what their characters are doing or saying.  So they write using both Industry terminology and Hollywood Yiddish. 

    Second, that provides you, our valued readers, with a real feeling for the Town and the Business. But not if you don't know what the word means!  So if you run across some word that you don't know -- like shtup (Yiddish for "to push or to press" in polite terms or to "fuck" in the vulgar venacular) -- you can go to the Dictionary and you will instantly know what the word means.

    Pretty cool, huh?  Sorta Show Biz 101 surrounded by romance with a happy ending!  




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