October 15, 2007

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October 7, 2007:  Enchanting Reviews Lucky 13 Contest has been revamped! The contest now has 7 very easy questions with the same great prizes! For the contest questions and the entry form, please click here! For their page with all our interviews, please click here!

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Electric Vamp
Erica Leigh Madson

Hollywood Romance (TM)
ISBN: 978-1-880413-63-0
Pub Date: November 2007

In the third book of this series, Electric Vamp, Sophie goes into her second year studying history and economics at USC as Jerry leaves the working world to start his undergrad degree in the school of Cinema-Television.

On campus and together again, their passion starts to erode their differences, and back on the beach below Gladstone’s, they decide to focus on the future, and see if they can make it together again.

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I'd love to spend the weekend with Brandon Routh! ~ Sally J.

I think it would be great to spend the weekend with Hugh Jackman! He is sooo hot!! ~ Paula D.

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Curious about the Entertainment Industry? Want to know what our authors are talking about if they use a phrase you haven't heard? Below are some Industry Terms excerpted from The Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary by Randi del Marco. You can download the entire Dictionary for free if you click here.

Creative Financing – when the cost of the film is reduced or shifted in a way to make it look more attractive; there can be both legitimate and dishonest ways to creatively finance a film, legitimately, some costs can be deferred or a promotional partner can bring in goods, services or cash in exchange for publicity.

Cross Cutting – cutting between two different scenes to make a point, usually the scenes will have parallel action and by showing the two together, the director can invite the viewer to share his or her point of view.

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Electric Vibes by Erica Leigh Madson
Review by Lena C. Fallen Angel Reviews --- Awarded 4 Angels!!

Sophie is a young college woman not only pursuing a degree in history but trying to forget her mother. You see, her mother encourages her to succeed but then there’s always the pesky sound of always be careful, especially with men. This comes hard for Sophie for she falls heedlessly in love with film gaffer Jerry Ferguson. She is not sure how to do or feel at this time. This is the first time she has fallen for a guy and knows that he is experienced, unlike her. Yes, it’s true she is a virgin but she wants to be with Jerry more than ever. How would he feel?

Jerry Ferguson is a man who grew up in Hollywood and not just the town, but in the movie world. He is what you would call a Hollywood child; from having a father as a director, an uncle in cinema and now him working as a gaffer. He’s surprised when he sees Sophie for the first time. Shocked when his last name doesn’t ring a bell to her like all the other women he has dated before. It’s nice that he finally found a woman who is not into the Hollywood world or la la land as they call it. Is this attraction he feels for Sophie real? Is she really an innocent? Or is she just playing him for a fool.

This is a first for this reviewer in reading from this publication and I have to say won’t be the last. You have an innocent person, yes in everything, meeting a man whose life has always been in Hollywood. These two were great to read about. I liked that you had Jerry, who has had many women, afraid to act on his feelings towards Sophie. Although she is young and not experienced with men she knows what guy is the right one.


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Randi del Marco - September 2007
Interview with Anya at Enchanting Reviews

What made you decide to become an Author?

I had all these great stories from all the shows I worked on over the years. Now I can’t name names but surely people would enjoy them just as much in a novel with fictitious names.
How long have you been writing?
Since I was five. I always had a story to tell and I loved how writing it down both made it real, set it in stone so to speak, but also allowed me to change things, edit the story till it was perfect.
Is Snow Fire and Ice your first book?
First published novel.
Can you tell us a little about your Snow Fire and Ice, where did the idea for this series come from and what inspired the intriguing characters?
I was sitting on the tow while skiing watching a class where everyone was having fun except one heavy girl who kept falling and falling. My heart went out to her and Maxie, the girl who was always out of sync was born. I set the first act in Québec because everyone is expected to ski there and because there are all these handsome young men on the hills. As the characters grew, they forged their own story. I saw it as an ugly duckling story which meant it had to stretch over time, and I thought significantly diverse locations – the ski scene in Québec, the city of Paris, the Red Rocks area in the desert outside of Las Vegas and southern California, from the Palisades to Wrightwood – would be both challenging for me and the characters and interesting for the reader.

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