November 15, 2007

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November 15, 2007: Electric Vamp by Erica Leigh Madson was released today! - To read more about Electric Vamp click here!

November 01, 2007:  The Rosa Romance Newsletter is going bi-monthly. Due to the upcoming holidays and the WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike which has messed up our authors for the last six months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, we've decided to release the newsletter every other month instead of every month. So be looking for the next newsletter January 15th 2008! In the meantime, we wish you and yours a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

October 31, 2007:  Enchanting Reviews Lucky 13 Contest has closed! Here are the winners: Necklace - Kris W., Bracelet - Brooklyn S., Earrings - Janet W., Choice of any 3 ebooks - MaryKay B., Choice of any 2 ebooks - Vanessa I., and Choice of any 1 ebook - Serena P. Congratulations to the winners!

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Rock Star Dreams
Sage Morgan

Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-880413-28-9
Pub Date: January 2008

Amy, just eighteen but already been kissed, meets the lead singer of the band Popsicle -- her dream idol -- when her father is hired to protect the band from death threats at a show in Florida.

A tale of young love, or is it lust? A father who worries about his daughter growing up too fast with no mother to guide her and a rock star who's so attracted to Amy that even though his life's in her father's hands, he can't keep his own hands off her!

To read more about Rock Star Dreams click here!

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My pick would be Nick Lachey! ~ Patty K.

I think pro wrestler John Cena is sexy! ~ Trina F.

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Curious about the Entertainment Industry? Want to know what our authors are talking about if they use a phrase you haven't heard? Below are some Industry Terms excerpted from The Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary by Randi del Marco. You can download the entire Dictionary for free if you click here.

Deus ex Machina – an artificial or improbable element which changes the thrust of the story or concludes the film, makes ending feel like a cheat.

Duke – positive copy of a positive or negative copy of a negative; essentially a duplicate copy of material.

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Electric Vibes by Erica Leigh Madson
Review by Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio --- Awarded 5 Hearts!!

Electric Vibes is the first in a series of “A Ferguson Films Fantasy” books by this author which will, I believe, explore not only our alpha male, Jerry Ferguson, but also his quite wealthy family. Jerry decided to take a year off before starting to college at the University of Southern California (USC). He was working as a gaffer with the production company which would be shooting parts of a film near the USC library on Monday. He simply went to work, but it was not a normal day.

Sophie, a freshman at USC, was from Long Island, New York. She was going to school on a full scholarship; her mother’s boss, Mr. Ogilvie, paid her living expenses and bought her a car. She was a serious student studying history, and because she had lived with an unwed mother her entire life, was still a virgin. Her mother was determined that Sophie would not turn out like she did.

I enjoyed this story tremendously. It’s a fast-paced, bright plot with two young people who obviously are more than meets the eye. Jerry, apparently from money, was thrilled that Sophie appeared to not know him or his Ferguson name. Sophie was scared to be with Jerry but was sure that it was a once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

What a refreshing book. It restored my faith in love at first sight and the ability for two people to meet, spend the weekend together, and still face the new week in love with each other. There were no villains in this plot and, though there were other cast members, the main characters were absolutely the story. Even though Jerry was only 19, he was well advanced sensually for his age level. Sophie was beautiful, but she also had brains.

I loved this book and cannot wait to read the sequels. This author, though new to me, will not remain a stranger. I highly recommend you read this book.


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Christine Andersen - September 2007
Interview with Anya at Enchanting Reviews

What made you decide to become an Author?

Well, frustration with the film business I think. I was going through a period in my life when getting the projects made was more than usually difficult and so I wrote a book about how hard it is to make a movie from the point of view of a smart woman producer. Call it stress relief! I could take all the maniacs I've worked with on projects throughout the years, change the names to protect the guilty, and put them all on the same film to see what happened. It was fun!
How long have you been writing?
Forever . . . it's part of my day job but working on scripts not novels.
What was your first book?
Movie Magic.
How do you come up with your characters? Favorite Character(s) to write about?
Since I write about relationships set against the backdrop of the film business, the characters sorta come up with themselves. There are certain characters (the director, the producer, the stars) who would always be in a book I wrote. Who those individuals are as people comes out of their jobs to a certain extent as it takes particular traits to be good at specific jobs. For example, most directors I know are major control freaks. Figures, doesn't it? To be a good director you really have to be an anal retentive control freak or the film will never happen. As far as my favorite character to write, I must say Cheeky Beswick from The Cannes Film Festival and Movie Magic. She's the producer and a really strong, organized, get-it-up-on-the-screen-or-else kinda gal. She is what producing a film is all about . . . she's not afraid to stand in her own power. But like most of us, her life with men is a mess. Many want to use her to get their movies made. Others are intimidated by her strength. Some just want to date her to be seen with a beautiful woman on their arm who isn't after their money but has her own. Finally she meets a good man but it took me 650 pages to get her there! But he's a really good one! I have had people who've read the whole book ask me where I got the Jim Daniels character from because they want to date him he's so terrific and so real! Sometimes, when you've set your characters up just right, a miracle happens and they take off becoming their own people. In this case, the hero is an amazing guy who is a perfect match for Cheeky. They fill each other's holes and that's what a good relationship is all about in my mind.

(read more)

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