May/June 2008

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May 14, 2008: Lynn Sterling, author of our Science Fiction Grande Novel (346 pages), Journey To Diir, will be a Featured Author at The Romance Studio in June. Look for her interview and lots more details on June 1st here!

May 7, 2008: Well, here we go again. The Screen Actors Guild talks with the producers are off. My authors are going crazy. Both sides have said they sought to avoid a repeat of the 100-day Writers Guild Strike that ended in February. SAG's contract for films and prime-time Television shows expires June 30. I apologize but my book publishing schedule's taking another major hit. They aren't even going back to talking until the end of May, if then, as no talks are scheduled yet.

It's no wonder my authors book deadlines aren't being met ... and you know what? I can't blame them in the least. They write romance for love. They work in the film business to make a living. Since they have to feed their kids, animals, whatever ... show business has to come first and Rosa Romance books second. Ah well, the advantage of Rosa Romance being part of a film company is that a) I understand the author's time constraints and b) we have the backing to hang in there unlike some other smaller publishers who have gone bye-bye recently. But it's still frustrating, isn't it? These authors are such good writers that I want more of their books to read and from the emails I have been getting, so do you. Sorry ... we're trying.

May 6, 2008: Yippee. Our boss, Karen Jackovich, won an Emmy today for a show she wrote and Executive Produced! That doesn't impact the books but it sure is awesome, isn't it? *big grin*

May 1, 2008: Happy May Day!

April 24, 2008: Randi del Marco is finishing the second in her Pepper On Location series, Ecstasy in Edmonton. We are very excited as the tales of Pepper's adventures, both on the set and in the bedroom, are awesome!

April 17, 2008: Our writers are back to work after the ending in February of the Writers Guild of America strike. That has messed up our book release schedule for the last year and will continue to affect our book production as all of our current authors are in the Entertainment Industry and their day jobs are totally dependant on the business. Next up is the Screen Actors Guild who are in talks but who can stop work on June 30th. Every three years the Film Business goes through this insanity, just FYI. So if you wonder why, when we at Rosa Romance have such good writing, that we don't have more of it, now you know. :-)

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Ecstasy in Edmonton
Randi del Marco

Hollywood Romance(TM)
Second in the Pepper On Location series

The time is just after Christmas and it is cold, very cold when Pepper, producer’s assistant extraordinaire, arrives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- home of the world’s largest indoor mall. And with all that cold weather outside, the huge mall is a necessity if Pepper doesn't want to freeze to death on the set.

But there are other ways to keep warm.

While her boss Dustin, a tough-as-nails producer, fights to keep the show on schedule and under budget despite a neophyte director and an antagonistic writer, Pepper takes advantage of a new city to connect with the men it has to offer.

But does she end up with Jerry the writer or Peter the Ukranian PA with a PhD? When Pepper does hook up, you can be sure there is sizzle ... for snow and ice can fuel desire and fire up eroticism -- for Pepper and for you, the reader too, as you vicariously experience Pepper's pleasures through the pages of Ecstasy in Edmonton.

To read the first book in the series click here!

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Journey To Diir
Lynn Sterling

Science Fiction Romance
ISBN: 978-1-880413-10-4

Andrea Stone has a fabulous job in finance at a major motion picture studio and a gorgeous producer husband who adores her. Then fate intercedes and takes her life.

Andrea wakes up 600 years in the future, light years from the home that she knew - just as far from civilization as she knew it.

At first Andrea tries to avoid the three men that rescued her, however, loneliness drives her to befriend them and become a part of the team. Time has changed the rules of human physical contact and traditional relationships but Andrea is determined to teach Cole, Nick, and Tremaine that not all old Earth customs were bad. Old Earth and New Earth come together with passion that would rival a super nova.

Journey To Diir was given 5 Angels and a Recommended read by Fallen Angel Reviews!

To read more about Journey To Diir click here!

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Give me Jude Law any time. Love those eyes!. ~ Tamsyn

Kyle Schmid from Blood Ties is a vamp that I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of me. ~ Deidre

Which hunk do you drool over? Which Movie, Music, TV or other celebrity gets you wet? Shoot us a short tongue-in-cheek (or not so in cheek) opinion on hunks past and present that you'd like to spend the weekend with and why! If your Hot Bod Fantasy is chosen to be printed in our newsletter, you win your choice of a eBook for free!

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Curious about the Entertainment Industry? Want to know what our authors are talking about if they use a phrase you haven't heard? Below are some Industry Terms excerpted from The Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary by Randi del Marco. You can download the entire Dictionary for free if you click here.

Gate – rectangular opening in the front of the camera where the film is actually exposed, any dirt there can damage the film by scratching or distorting the image; "checking the gate" is done after each set-up to make sure that the gate is clean before moving on to the next shot.

Guerilla filmmaking (run-and-gun filmmaking) - filming done with minimal crew, permits, equipment, etc.

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Electric Vibrato: A Ferguson Films Fantasy by Erica Leigh Madson
Review by Brenda Talley ~ The Romance Studio --- Awarded 4 hearts!!

The second book in this series is another winner by Ms. Madson. While this manuscript could be read as a stand-alone, I believe it will be received much, much better when read after Electric Vibes. Sophie and Jerry have continued their relationship but have not neglected their own personal responsibilities. That impressed me because it would have been easy to write their lives one-dimensional; this way we are shown a great cross sampling of their relationship.

This book is like pulling back the curtain and getting a first hand look into the lives of these two young people and those who make up their support systems. The storyline is perfectly believable because we all know that day-to-day life has interruptions and conflicts which hamper our personal desires.

Life and love continued to flourish as Jerry and Sophie became more and more comfortable with each other. The biggest problem they seemed to face was which apartment would be available for them whenever they were able to get together. And then, since good things usually have a way of ending, Sophie’s mom, Georgia, appeared and it looked as if she would be there forever. We were introduced to Georgia in the previous book and know that she did not really like Jerry at all and felt he was trouble for her little girl.

This book offered great insights into the cast of characters. It showed their differences but also how the commitment of Jerry and Sophie made their dissimilarities almost a moot point. We also found more about their families and how they shaped their present personalities.

Ms. Erica Leigh Madson has offered a good expansion of the lives of two exceptional young people. She has expanded the highlights and downfalls and done so in a very interesting way. I liked this book and recommend it to anyone who likes to read a “happily ever after.”


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Sage Morgan - July 2007
Interview with Fallen Angel Reviews

Today we have Sage Morgan as our guest.

Sage, I noticed you have an upcoming book. Do you by chance have the date of the release yet?

Thanks for asking! My latest book is called Rock Star Dreams and Rosa Romance is releasing it in August. I don't know the exact day but if anyone's interested please join the Rosa Romance Yahoo Group and they will announce it there along with whatever contests surround the release of the book. You can find the sign up link in the left sidebar on my site at, on my publisher's site at, or by going to and clicking the blue rectangle at the upper right which says, Join This Group! They have a really awesome Sign Up Contest going too so you could win a bunch of books or a Tshirt just for joining.
Why not tell your viewers where you came up with the idea to write this story? I believe it is a romantic comedy.
Yes, it is a romantic comedy -- you really did your homework before this interview. You are terrific!

To answer your question -- haven't you always dreamed of meeting your rock star fantasy? Well, so have I ... so I wrote it! I set it with the heroine younger than we all are so that our rock star, Justin Martine, can go from being Amy's fantasy to being the love of her life without all the complications of previous boyfriends, ex-husbands and screaming kids! But it's still a "realistic fantasy" in the sense that they really bond, not just hot sex, but as song writers who share the ability to make beautiful music together -- in bed and in life.
Have you always had a desire to write?
Always. I can't imagine doing anything else for a living than writing. It's part of my soul. I couldn't live if I couldn't write.

Do you remember the very first story you ever wrote in your life?
Yeah! It wasn't a story though. It was a long epic poem about a wild horse. :-)

Have you ever found yourself playing out the role of the character as you write a story?
No, I haven't. I think when you set up the backstory right and you know who your characters are they are separate people. How could I play one of them? They aren't me. They are themselves. If I have done my job correctly as a writer then they go off and do their own thing -- frequently surprising me with where they go but it's always an interesting trip, and so far anyway, they've always ended up where I intended them to go.

(read more)

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