July 15, 2007

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July 7, 2007:  NEW RELEASE ~ Due July 13th!   Lust In Las Vegas by Randi del Marco.  On the movie's set and off ... this is one hot book. The times hunky stuntman Bryan and producer's assistant Pepper steal together are dripping hot, hotter, and burning hot. Everything explodes the day Bryan pulls off the stunt of the century on the Vegas strip.

July 4, 2007:  To our customers and friends in the USA, Happy 4th of July!!!

June 20, 2007:  The Romance Studio Book-a-Day Giveaways from Rosa Romance start today.  From now on, on every Wednesday that TRS is open, Rosa Romance will be giving away eBooks, print books, and Tshirts!  Join in the fun and get yourself some terrifically written books to read by clicking here to visit TRS every Wednesday and entering their Book-a-Day Giveaway.   

June 8, 2007:  Rosa Romance has a Yahoo Group!  Please join us for your chance to win Tshirts or eBooks.  For details, please click this CONTEST ALERT link which will take you to a new page which gives you all the info. And don't forget to sign up so you can be the first to know what our authors are writing!  All our contests will be announced in the Rosa Romance News Yahoo Group too.

June 1, 2007:  Rosa Romance has been interviewed by Fallen Angels Reviews!   Click on over to Fallen Angels and read all about us.  Thanks so much to Tammy of FAR for interviewing me and to Serena Polheber for all her help. Did you know what beautiful jewelry Serena makes? Check it out. :-)

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Lust In Las Vegas
by Randi del Marco

A Hollywood Romance(TM) novel
ISBN: 978-1-880413-38-8
Pub Date: July 13, 2007

Pepper, producer's assistant extraordinaire, goes on location in Las Vegas and hooks up with Bryan Boynton, the show's hunky stunt coordinator.

While Bryan cooks up one of the most complicated stunt sequences ever executed on the strip, Pepper is keeping the director from firing the storyboard artist, the lead actor's brother from seducing the office PA, the costume designer off designer drugs and the executive producer from blowing his top.

The moments they steal together are hot, hot, hot. And everything comes to a boil the day Bryan proposes to pull off the stunt of the century.

To read more about Lust In Las Vegas click here!

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Q. How are actors paid?

A. Pretty much any film you see in the theatre today which is shot in the US or by an American company has at least one union actor in it. And where there is one, the Screen Actors Guild takes control, dictating minimum payments as well as meal breaks, overtime, maximum hours, safety issues, etc.

There are various types of minimums – daily, weekly, for actors, for stunt people and for singers. Furthermore, SAG has recognized the needs of lower budget production and has lower minimums for films with budgets under $2.5 million, under $625,000 and under $200,000. Minimums can therefore range from $100 a day to $759 (as of July 2007) for eight hours. In addition, the producer must make payments to SAG for the performers’ medical and pension plans.

And then there is overtime for work after eight hours or after five days in a week, meal penalties for when actors are forced to work more than six hours without a break for lunch or dinner, turnaround costs when actors are given less than 10 to 12 hours (depending on the situation) between the end of one day’s work and the start of the next’s.

Actors or their agents are allowed to negotiate for more money. Such “over-scale” payments usually cannot be applied to overtime and penalties, however, if an actor makes more than $5,500 per week on a film or $4,400 per week in television, those payments are considered to include all overtime but not any of the penalties.

If a star is paid $65,000 as a flat deal for a film ($40,000 for a mini-series, $32,000 for a TV episode), all overtime is included and free days for reshoots, additional shooting, dubbing and publicity can be included provided it is negotiated up front. Again, penalties cannot be waived.

A star may work at scale on a lower budget show but will usually require either a flat deferred payment to bring them up to their regular “quote” (the amount companies will quote that an actor was paid on recent films) when the show makes money or a share of the film’s profits or both.

To protect their members, SAG requires all production companies post bonds with them to cover payment of the actors before allowing their members to work on a film. This requires the actors to be paid weekly (by the following Thursday for the previous week’s work) or SAG can stop their members from working and pay them out of the bond.

Additionally, when an unknown company hires a major actor, his or her representatives will usually require the star’s full salary be placed in escrow to guarantee payment.

On really small films or non-standard projects where SAG cannot dictate minimums, actors can be paid less but, with very few exceptions, must be paid in compliance with the applicable state labor laws. The major exception to this is student films, those done under the aegis of an accredited educational institution, where the institutions' workers compensation and other insurance policies will protect both actor and producer.

So – the old adage that everything is negotiable does hold true but in the film business there are so many hoops to jump through that it is truly difficult these days to get something for nothing. More to the point, you get what you pay for. And an experienced performer, whether a household name or not, can be of far more benefit to a project than all of the savings you can realize from casting your friends and relations.

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Curious about the Entertainment Industry? Want to know what our authors are talking about if they use a phrase you haven't heard? Below are some Industry Terms excerpted from The Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary by Randi del Marco. You can download the entire Dictionary for free if you click here.

A&B Rolls – negative built into two rolls (A & B) so when the answer print or inter-positive is created, it can be done without splicing by printing the A roll (which has the odd-numbered shots with black leader where the missing B-roll shots will be) and then the B roll (which has the even shots where the A-roll shots will be), a third pass is made for the soundtrack and then the result is developed.

A-List Talent – usually refers to top-tier actors and actresses who are paid $20 million and more per film; also refers to producers, directors and writers who can be guaranteed to have a film made and released.

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Electric Vibes by Erica Leigh Madson
Review by author Christine Andersen

Dare I give this book a reviewer's rating of five wet panties?

Electric Vibes is the tale of Sophie, a drop-dead brunette USC student from New York, and the lust she experiences when she first sees Jerry, his muscles outlined by the sweat of his work on the film set he's rigging. Jerry can't get his hard on to subside when he realizes that she is similarly attracted to him. They meet, do dinner, and get over the thought that each is wanting to use the other for something.

Sophie realizes with surprise after some intelligent conversation that Jerry doesn't just want to bone her but is really interested in her mind, and Jerry -- the grandson of famous movie producers -- learns that Sophie isn't just one more actress trying to take advantage of his family ties. Sophie is relating what he tells her about the business he grew up in and applying it to her own interests -- how history and the economics of the movie industry have shaped Hollywood. Jerry realizes part way through dinner at a famous Southern California beach restaurant that this is the first woman he's ever met who he'd introduce to his family.

A romantic walk on the sand and some playful, sexy dancing in the surf by Sophie after dinner leads to Jerry’s apartment ... and a continuation of the slow, sensual seduction of Sophie which is the basic theme of this whole book.

Electric Vibes is a beautifully written, perfectly structured three act novel -- which is one long, very juicy seduction scene. Erica Leigh's use of language is raw and immediate, not necessarily grammar correct, but it gives this book a "can't put it down" reality which is compelling. If you want a bit of show biz with a lotta love, I highly recommend Electric Vibes. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see how these two characters handle life in the lust lane!


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Rosa Romance Publishing Company, Inc. - May 2007
Interview with Holly Hewson at The Romance Studio

So Holly asked me for Rosa Romance's Mission Statement and I suddenly realized that we didn't have one. Our parent company does have a motto that's even on its company T-shirts, Life is too short to do business with a**holes. But no Mission Statement. Oh my. Twenty-five-years old and no Mission Statement. Hummmm ....

So how 'bout, To have a ton of fun publishing great romance that we want to read ourselves?

Let's see ... if that doesn't work for you how about, To use romance novels to save the world? Hey, it's not that crazy an idea ... if you're reading romance, you don't have time to hate people, do you?

Pretentious, huh? Well then ... what about, Because we all need pure unadulterated escapism?

Yeah, that works.

The bottom line is, we care passionately about books. We are inspired by the enduring magic of writers' tales inscribed on paper, electronic or otherwise ... tales that cheer the spirit, tales that chill the soul, tales that thrill the heart with happy endings to lighten the burdens we all labor under in this modern era.

(read more)

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