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July 15, 2009: The Rosa Romance newsletter is back! Our newsletter will go out bi-monthly as they always have and will be filled with news, giveaways and fun!

July 15, 2009: Be sure to enter the Book-a-Day giveaway at The Romance Studio to win one of our ebooks every Wednesday!!

July 14, 2009: Coming soon! Electric Love ... the Trilogy: by Erica Leigh Madson. Jerry and Sophie's adventures; Electric Vibes (5 Hearts for EXCELLENT from TRS), Electric Vibrato (4 Hearts for VERY GOOD from TRS), and Electric Vamp (5 Hearts for EXCELLENT from TRS) all as one long (408 print pages) Grande Novel.

June 27, 2009: Ashlyn Barré's new web site is up and it's gorgeous. Please visit http://ashlynbarre.com.

June 25, 2009: We mourn the passing of Michael Jackson. Whatever the man's personal demons, he was a brilliant artist and had a profound -- and enormous -- impact on the Entertainment business. May he rest in peace. He seems to have had little enough of it in this life.

June 18, 2009: Coming soon! We are looking forward to releasing September's Gold written by Cassidy McKay. Cassidy -- who is a terrific writer -- has made the decision to separate her "sweet" romance novels from her "spicy" romance novels. So this novel will say it is written by Ashlyn Barré. This will make it easier for readers to determine which level of heat they wish to read in her romances. Very smart, Cassidy!

May 23, 2009: I am happy to announce that we will soon be publishing several books from Cassidy McKay! She's awesome and she can really write. Please visit her web site at CassidyMcKay.com. One of Cassidy's publishers had the sad misfortune to go out of business so we are proud to have been chosen by her to republish those books and to also publish some of her new novels.Until we get these books released there are other books that Cassidy has in print which are not published by Rosa Romance but which you might wish to buy and read. They are:

  • Variance: The Countdown from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
  • A Candle in the Window from Cobblestone Press
  • Sometimes Murphy Wins from Noble Romance Publishing
  • Sinful Temptations from Resplendence Publishing
  • Welcome to Rosa Romance, Cassidy! We are thrilled to be your new publisher. :-) Thank you for trusting us with your wonderful writing.

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    September's Gold
    Ashlyn Barré's

    Main Stream Romance
    ISBN: 978-1-880413-10-4

    David Chesney believes in ghosts. He's seen them...and they've seen him.

    When a beautiful ghost begs him to help save her child, David falls back in time to the California Gold Rush, where a life was worth less than a shiny gold nugget, and tossed away even more rapidly. As he meets the woman who has intrigued him all of his life, in her lifetime, he finds that love is more precious than gold, even when her future is in his past.

    Can he change the future to save the woman he's fallen in love with from heartbreak? More importantly... should he?

    To read more about September's Gold click here!

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    Electric Vamp -- A Ferguson Films Fantasy
    Erica Leigh Madson

    Hollywood Romance(TM)
    ISBN: 978-1-880413-63-0

    In the third book of this series, Electric Vamp, Sophie goes into her second year studying history and economics at USC as Jerry leaves the working world to start his undergrad degree in the school of Cinema-Television.

    On campus and together again, their passion starts to erode their differences, and back on the beach below Gladstone’s, they decide to focus on the future, and see if they can make it together again.

    The Romance Studio review gave this book 5 HEARTS for Excellent! "This author has delivered an uplifting love story. This is a series not-to-be-missed. It is something that, no matter your genre preference, you will definitely enjoy."

    To read more about Electric Vamp click here!

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    Curious about the Entertainment Industry? Want to know what our authors are talking about if they use a phrase you haven't heard? Below are some Industry Terms excerpted from The Hollywood Collegiate Dictionary by Randi del Marco. You can download the entire Dictionary for free if you click here.

    Kem – brand name of a flatbed (mechanical)editing machine, competitors were Steenbeck and Moviola

    Klieg Lights - very bright lights designed for filmmaking, often used to describe the spotlights whose beams pierce the sky at events

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    Cassidy McKay - July 2009

    Today I'm happy to introduce author Cassidy McKay, the newest addition to the Rosa Romance family, who also writes Sweet romances under Ashlyn Barré. Thanks for talking to us today Cassidy!

    Thank you for inviting me, I'm so pleased to be a part of Rosa Romance!

    To start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
    Well, I started writing my first romance when I was fifteen, and finished it fourteen years later. I live in Northern California with my husband and children, lots of animals, and I've been writing professionally for several years now. I'm kind of a Jill-of-all-trades, having been a firefighter, a reserve police officer, a dispatcher, a kennel worker, a dog trainer, a paranormal investigator, a certified hypnotist, a business owner, a web designer, a cover artist, and probably a gazillion other things that I can't remember right now.

    Your upcoming release September's Gold is due to be released from Rosa Romance in September. Can you tell us a little about it?
    Imagine being fascinated with a certain period in history. For me, it's the California Gold Rush. I always wondered what it would be like to live during those tumultuous times. When life and death depended on how much gold you could dig, or the possibility of just picking up a fortune on the bank of a river.

    In September's Gold, my hero David is contacted by the ghost of a woman begging him to save her child. He's swept back in time to her time in the California Gold Rush where his modern sensibilities, schooling, and former ease of life have nothing to do with the race for gold and survival of the fittest that he is forced to endure.

    What would you do if everything you knew was suddenly gone, and the only person you knew there-the person you have fallen if love with- is destined to die? Would it be worth changing history, and possibly destroying the world as you know it to save that person?

    What was the hardest aspect of writing September's Gold? How did you overcome it?
    The hardest, and most rewarding part of writing September's Gold was the research. I spent well over 9 months traveling to all of the places in my book, walking where my characters walked, and seeing what they would have seen (minus the modern amenities, of course). Add to that, countless hours in the Historical California Room where much of California's Gold Rush history is kept. It was definitely a labor of love.
    Was there any one person or event in your life that finally inspired you to sit down and write your first book?
    My first published book Sometimes Murphy Wins (Noble Romance Publishing) was born from a horrible day where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, including losing my front tooth. Murphy's Law seems to have taken up permanent residence at my house. A dear friend of mine encouraged me to write, and to this day is the first person who reads all of my stories.

    My husband (H.E. Curtis) is also an author, and watching him weave his beautiful and intricate fantasy worlds always amazed me. It still does. You have to love a man who can come up with so many different ways to fascinate you.

    (read more)

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