Excerpt of Electric Vibrato -- A Ferguson Films Fantasy

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 Brin-nng. The phone again. She grabbed it.

      “Sexy Sophie? Say, you need to get a cell phone, I called one of your roommates that this morning.”
      “Oh, no!”
      “Don’t sweat it. She seemed to dig it. Said you were really out of it, deep asleepthat I must have kept you really busy . . . .”
      Sophie was remembering just what had kept her busy and felt a red flush sweep up from her chest. Oh, shit! And a corresponding warm rush between her legs.
      “Hey, hey, hey. Don’t hassleshe sounded really happy for you.”
      Sophie finally got her tongue: “I bet she did. They’ve both been trying to match me up ever since we moved in here.”
     “And now you’re matched. I
     “You called. You called me.”
     “Of course, silly girl. You don’t think I’d let a hottie like you slip through my fingers? Now I get to woo you and seduce you all over again so you don’t think I’m ignoring you. And I know just what you Hold on again, don’t hang up, I’ll just be a second.”
      Sophie heard a crackly voice in the background, then some creaking and Jerry saying Okay. How’s that?
      Then he was back on the phone with her.
      “Where are you?”
      “At work. I’m up in a condor and they just wanted me to adjust a light.” 
      “A condor?”
      “A kinda crane that we hang lights from. This one is making like it’s sun coming in a skylight on set.”
      That made sense. Jerry was an electrician on a TV series. They had met two days ago on the campus of the University of Southern California where she was starting her studies in history and economics and he had been loading in cable for a shoot the next day. When she left his apartment the night before, he had said he had to be at work at 4:30 in the morning. This morning.
      ”So you can call while you’re working? You were at work when you called before?”
      “Yup. Yup. And yup I spoke to your roommatewhat’s her namefrom work, too. Filmmaking is an endless game of hurry up and wait. Everybody runs around like a chicken with their heads cut off getting stuff ready for a while and then someone comes up with a question so a few of them stand around and talk for a time while the rest of us just wait.”
      He paused, then continued, his voice huskier. “Gives me lots of time to think about my new best lady. Getting hard just thinking of you.”
      Sophie stifled a gasp. She still couldn’t get over how blunt he could be about all things sexual. Stuff she had always held private, Jerry seemed to celebrate as part of ordinary living.
      “Mmm. You like that, don’t you. Thinking of me at work with a hard-on and no way to get any relief.” He sounded so wistful that Sophie forgot her own slight embarrassment in discussing such a thing.
      “Hey, wat’cha doing tonight, fair lady? Oh, woman of my dreams. Of my nightmares if I can’t see you real, real soon . . . .”
      Sophie could but laugh. 
      “Uh, I guess I’m seeing you. “I’d like to see you,” she amended, anxious that she not appear unwilling.
      “Good. I should be off by six or so. How ’bout I swing by your place and I can show you more of the city of Angels.”
      Sophie smiled happily. Jerry’s enthusiasm was contagious. 
      “Yes, sure. You have the address.”
      “In my little black book beside your number.”
      “Good, I’ll” but a voice was crackling in the background again.
      “Gotta go, see you later. Get yourself rested, it’ll be a long . . . . and he was gone.
      Sophie sat and looked at the phone for several minutes, projecting on it the image of her new love. 


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