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    Location: > SCIENCE FICTION > Journey To Diir
    Journey To Diir
    by Lynn Sterling

    Journey to Diir is a terrific science fiction love story. Not a traditional romance -- boy meets girl -- but the engaging story of one woman's struggle to bring the gift of humanity from this time period into the very humanly sterile 27th century with the assistance of the three men who love her and become her family.  Girl meets boys -- with a theme which embodies the journey of human evolution.

    In the 21st century, Andrea Stone is dying. She has a fabulous job in finance at a major motion picture studio and a gorgeous producer husband who adores her ... he can't let her go.  They have the money to grasp at the latest way to cheat death so he arranges for her to be cyronically frozen until a cure can be found.

    Andrea wakes up over 600 years in the future, light years from the Earth she loved and in a civilization totally foreign to her. Human physical contact and traditional relationships have become things of the past and for a woman with a passionate physical nature this is hard to understand.

    At first Andrea tries to avoid the three men that rescued her, however, loneliness drives her to befriend them and become a part of the team.  Andrea is determined to teach Cole, Nick, and Tremaine that not all old Earth customs were bad.

    On their journey to self-discovery Andrea shakes up the politics of the known Universe as she gives hope and love and passion to all those with minds open enough to follow her on her Journey To Diir. She shows how hard it will be but also what the rewards are for those who can truly grow up into more than we are now as humans -- who can learn to love without jealousy and live with passion -- as Old Earth and New Earth come together with passion that would rival a super nova.

    Journey to Diir is the first book in a three book trilogy -- The Diirini Inheritance Trilogy.


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    Quantity: Add to Cart Price: $5.99

    Genre: Science Fiction Romance
    Rated: H
    Book Length: Grande Novel / 346 print pages

    Cover by: Mystique
    ISBN: 978-1-880413-10-4
    Available Formats: Adobe Reader PDF, HTML, Rocketbook, Mobipocket, MS Reader

    Journey To Diir
    Journey To Diir
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