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    Journey From Diir

    by Lynn Sterling     

    -- The Diirini Inheritance Trilogy --

    Journey From Diir reveals the endgame as it was planned by Sar’tns and Mordred. Although the Partners continue to guide Diir as their new abilities are conquered, the new Diirini must learn that, even with their new abilities, they are not yet the self-described higher beings as they believed. Of course Sar’tns is there to humble them as she guides them on a path that only she knows. The true Diirini evolved over eons and humanity has only written the First Act. As calm and peaceful as Diir has become, the Diirini must now take on the burden of bringing the rest of humanity with them.  They must face their enemies and begin the journey to becoming true Diirini.

    The Partners now have five children, including a rare set of twins.  All of the children of Diir show particular gifts since Sar’tns has been guiding them from birth. We now start to see the tapestry that Sar’tns and Mordred have been weaving since the end of Journey to Diir. When Andrea, Cole and Tremaine's children defy them in support of Sar’tns, Andrea has a crisis of faith and plans to leave Diir with their family. Finally, Mordred must reveal the distant plans for humanity that revolve around her children and the future of Diir.

    Price: $0.00

    Genre: Science Fiction Romance
    Rated: H
    Book Length:

    Cover by:
    ISBN: 978-1-880413-12-8


    Journey From Diir
    Journey From Diir
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