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    Book Ratings

    Rosa Romance offers four levels of romance literature for your reading pleasure and we have rated the books we publish to help you determine which you want to purchase:

    SR -- SR is for SWEET ROMANCE.  Romance which is written for readers of all ages. 

    H -- H is for HOT literature, sometimes for Hollywood, also for sensual love scenes which can be explicit but which are always story driven and develop from the characters. Books rated H tend to be more story with sex appropriate for the literature but are not sexually driven tales.

    HR-- stands for HOTTER.  These are books where the seduction and/or sex scenes are more frequent.  They are not necessarily sexier, more graphic, or more explicit than books we have rated H but there's more of it. 

    H&H -- HOT and HEAVY, includes all of the above. It might also include HEAVY subject matter with plots, scenes, and/or relationships that some readers might find objectionable including but not limited to; bondage, submission, same sex encounters, multiple partners at the same time, non-human partners, and other controversial subject matter whether or not it's of a sexual nature.

    We do not believe in censorship in any form. We judge the books we publish on their literary merit alone. If the writing is good, we publish. If it isn't, we don't. Pretty simple, huh?

    FYI -- On some of our books you will see a red piece of movie film at the top.  That signifies that the book is primarily set within the Industry.  If the film is not there, either the book only touches lighly on the business or it's without any connection to Hollywood at all.

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